A Family Journey with Jesus through Lent


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Praying as a family begins here! Lent: A Family Journey with Jesus provides the perfect format for family prayer for each day of Lent. Hebrew children from Capernaum, Nazareth, Cana, and Jerusalem narrate the stories in a way that makes Jesus? parables, miracles, and teachings come alive. Every story contains interesting historical details to show what life was like in Jesus? time. At the end of each gospel scene, Jesus speaks lovingly and personally to the children about the significance of the story that was just shared. Suggestions for Lenten and Holy Week activities are also featured, along with original artwork. This is a book families will enjoy year after year! – Short stories are enjoyable to children of all ages. – Includes more than 15 suggestions for family activities. – An excellent way to promote family time with added meaning during Lent.


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