Precious Blood of Jesus, Daily Devotional (English or Spanish)



This new copy has a professionally produced UV coated, laminated, water-resistant cover.

This is a handsome book that should be your daily prayer companion for years to come.


To Our Lady of Guadalupe whose virginal blood mingled with the most Precious Blood of her Holy Son during her divine gestation. May her powerful prayers save all the unborn from the holocaust of abortion and assist us in the rapid spread of this devotion to all her children in the world in order to save as many souls as possible from the destructive power of the evil one.

And to our beloved Pope John Paul II, of blessed memory, who warned us of the coming trials during his pontificate. Help us with your prayers to teach this devotion to the whole world before the fearful hour comes. Please intercede for us, for the safety of the Church and her people.


Rev. Fr. Stephen Obiukwu

Censor Deputatus

Chairman, Doctrine and Faith Committee

Archdiocese of Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria


1 July 1999







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English, Spanish


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