The Way of Light: The Story Behind the Stations of the Resurrection – by Denise Mercado


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Nihil Obstat awarded in 2023 by the Diocese of Saint Petersburg, Florida

Do you know the 14 stations of the Resurrection of Jesus?

The Way of the Light – is both an educational and uplifting reminder to walk in the steps that Jesus took from the Resurrection to the first day of Pentecost. It is in His last words and the places along His journey that we learn more about the importance of each of these steps.
And this is not just a historical book – this is an engaging book of light and truth where Denise Mercado encourages the reader to reflect at each of these moments in the steps of Christ and how they would identify with each of the characters in the story.

As a follow-up to her first book, Mary’s Life Journey & Her Amazing Yes!, Mercado takes the reader deeper into the spiritual truths of why these 14 stations are so important to all of us. Each one is unpacked with a wealth of information, scripture quotations, and personal experiences.
It’s important to know the greater story behind what we believe. And now you can discover the meaning behind the significance of what Christ did from the grave to the day of Pentecost.


“Focusing on the time period from the Resurrection to the day of Pentecost.  Denise places the reader within Scripture.  Each chapter provides a setting and then asks questions of the reader as if they were actually there.  Who does the reader identify with?  One of the disciples or a quiet bystander?  This made the scriptures come alive for me and I saw the disciples more personally. This is an insightful and deeper way to reflect on the aftermath of the crucifixion.”
  –  Pam Spano, Being Catholic…Really, (Facebook page)

“The Way of Light provides an opportunity to deepen one’s love for Christ and awareness of His continued presence in and with the Church today by expanding meditations on the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. Her insightful meditations provide a helpful first step into using imagination to enter each scene and allow the Holy Spirit to guide one’s meditation from there.  Recommended for adult study and prayer groups.”
  –  Jan Carnahan, Director of Religious Education, Good Shepherd Parish, Hope Mills, NC

“Written for the lay faithful, the Way of Light (Via Lucis) serves as a beautiful continuation of the Way of the Cross (Via Crucis). For those who want a clear and concise devotion, look no further than Denise Mercado’s latest work. This book is not only a study guide but quite a robust apologetic piece. All Catholics will benefit from learning or relearning these pivotal moments after Christ’s resurrection.”  
  –  Eddie Trask, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Augustine Institute and host of the Catholic ReCon (YouTube Channel)

“If you’re not already familiar with “The Way of Light” or the “Stations of the Resurrection,” this walkthrough Eastertide can be a meaningful addition to your prayer life, and Denise Mercado does a beautiful job guiding your footsteps.”  
  –  Scott L. Smith, Jr., co-author with Fr. Donald Calloway of the Consecration to St. Joseph for Children and Families, plus Pray the Rosary with Saint John Paul II and Pray the Rosary with Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

“In The Way of Light, Denise Mercado leads you to prayerfully consider the fourteen Stations of the Resurrection. She unpacks each one with a wealth of information, Scripture quotations, and personal experiences. St. Ignatius’s prayer method of identifying with a person in the story brings the station to life. This book promises to deepen your relationship with the Risen Lord.”
  –  Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND, Author of A Love Affair with God: Twelve Traits and Heart to Heart with Mary: A Yearly Devotional


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