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The Last Things – Death, Judgment, Hell, and Heaven by Regis Martin, S.T.D.


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Location: Alpha by author; Bookcase, Shelf 6
ISBN 10: 1618905996  ISBN 13: 9781618905994
Publisher: TAN Books, 2014
The Last Things is an accessible and deeply profound look at those four most important things: Death, Judgment, Hell, and Heaven. Professor Regis Martin expertly guides the reader through the eschatology, with the aid of popes, theologians, and even literary greats. The Last Things is at once entertaining and enlightening, and a must-read in preparation for the inevitable final days.
“Try to imagine the one thing in this world that is most worth knowing—by everyone. The thing that is most worth having. Something the sheer longing for which could never be dismissed merely as a function of time or space, tribe or temperament.
Is there a sentient being around who has not felt it, wondered about it, made some effort to obtain it? Could it have something to do with the final outcome of our lives? Or the lives of those whom we love? Lives no longer with us but lost, whom we long once more to see, to be with.
What does Christianity offer us in this regard? Has the Church anything distinctive to say about it? And if so, can it assuage this most deep and persisting of human hungers? The answers to these questions, and a clutch of others besides, are to be found in the Church’s doctrine of the Last Things.” Excerpt pg 7


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