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This complete four volume set of The Liturgy of the Hours was published by Catholic Book Publishing Corporation in 1976. This four volume set includes the Saint Joseph Guide for the Liturgy of the Hours and an outline and format guide to teach the proper way to pray this universal and beloved Church prayer.


The Liturgy of the Hours is meant to be a prayer encompassing the entire Body of Christ: clergy, religious and laity. Since ancient times Christians adopted the Jewish custom of setting apart specific times of the day for prayer. Eventually certain times for common prayer were established. Today this custom is called the Liturgy of the Hours, also referred to as the Divine Office or Christian Prayer (shorter form), and is mandatory for clergy and religious, though participation of the laity is highly encouraged. When possible the clergy and laity may join together for prayer especially when Vespers is celebrated on Sundays and solemn feast days. This prayer form focuses on the Psalms and includes Bible readings and spiritual writings from the Church Fathers and other authors. The full Liturgy of the Hours includes prayer seven times a day, but many people focus on the major prayer hours which include morning (Lauds) and evening (Vespers) prayers.


1.Matins—(during night)——Nocturns prayer

2.Lauds—(dawn)—————dawn prayer

3.Terce—(9am)—————-mid-morning prayer

4.Sext—(12 noon)————-midday prayer

5.None—(3pm)—————–mid-afternoon prayer

6.Vespers—(evening)———-evening prayer

7.Compline—(before bed)——night prayer


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