Saint Benedict: The Story of the Father of the Western Monks – by Mary Fabyan Windeatt


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Holy Father Benedict, the father of monks in the West, is one of the greatest saints of the Church’s illustrious halls of fame. His movement to become a hermit and found monasteries, writing the famous Rule of St. Benedict, was the decisive moment of monasticism’s growth in the West, under the maxim of ora et labora, “prayer and work.” His blessing caused a poisoned cup to shatter and a raven to swipe away poisoned bread; he miraculously saved someone from drowning, and he raised another from the dead. This is the story of the holiest monk of the West, the hero among religious founders.


The author of Saint Benedict: The Story of the Father of the Western Monks, Mary Fabyan Windeatt, was known as “the storyteller of the saints.” In the 1950s and 60s, she wrote over 20 historical fiction novels on the saints, bringing to life these holy men and women for young readers across the world. Sold individually or in a set of 20, these timeless classics have educated young men and women in virtue since their publication in the 1950s. All the stories tell the lives of saints in an engaging way, detailing their virtues, struggles, and countless adventures.


This title is ideal for ages 10 and up.


Author: Mary Fabyan Windeatt
Illustrator: Donald Walpole, OSP
Pages: 158
Publication Date: 12/31/1942
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Product Format: Paperbound
Height: 8.25
Width: 5.50


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