The Navarre Bible – New Testament Expanded Edition


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This edition of commentaries on all twenty-seven books of the New Testament gives you the complete English (Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition) and Latin (New Vulgate) texts of each book, plus extensive and faithfully Catholic explanations of the scriptural texts and their implications for everyday life. It is self-contained with wide-ranging general introductions, introductions to each biblical book, a table of sources sited, maps and informative notes. Scholarly and readable, the Navarre bibles are a comprehensive intellectual, historical, and spiritual survey of the riches of the New Testament.

This hardback edition is a larger size (apprx. 7 x 10 inches) to accommodate much more extensive commentary than in either the compact edition or the original paperback 12-volume edition. The commentary focuses in more depth and length, on a related topic, as compared with the shorter, more detailed commentary on individual verses or very short sections. It avoids repetition between Scriptural books. There is a unitary vision and explanation for each Scriptural book, more attention to the sense of the text, and the avoidance of repetition in explanations of the synoptic Gospels. The larger trim size and more ample margin allows for easier reading and note taking than in earlier versions.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • The English Bible text is in 10.5 and 12 pt Times New Roman
  • The Commentary text is in 9.5 and 11 pt Times New Roman
  • ISBN: 9781594170751
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 1200
  • Language: English
  • Translation: Navarre Bible


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