Thirst for Truth: From Mohammad to Jesus – by Nikki Kingsley


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Nikki Kingsley

Christian Convert, Evangelist,


What is the Truth?

This was the burning question that led Nikki Kingsley on her journey

from Islam to Christianity.


Nikki’s remarkable story began in Pakistan where she was born in a

Muslim family. She arrived in America at the age of thirty with her two

young children, seeking freedom from an arranged marriage, and

discovered the promise found in the dream called America.

Nikki’s life went through a dramatic turn when she had an

extraordinary series of mystical experiences. These events prompted

her to question and reconsider the Muslim faith that she had practiced

for 40 years.

Ultimately, this led Nikki to The Truth in the person of Jesus Christ.

A compelling speaker, Nikki now shares her life-changing story of

faith and hope––a story of a journey from the culture, faith, and

traditions of the East to the freedom of the West.

Nikki Kingsley’s dynamic account of her faith journey from darkness

into Light is detailed in her book, Thirst for Truth: From Mohammad to




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