Who Designed the Designer?: A Rediscovered Path to God’s Existence – Book


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by Augros, Michael


The “New Atheists” are pulling no punches. If the world of nature needs a designer”, they ask, then why wouldn’t the designer itself need a designer, too? Who fine-tuned its capacity for understanding? Or if it can exist without any designer behind it, then why can’t we just say the same for the universe and wash our hands of a designer altogether? And why do we find “bad design” in the world, such as our backwards-wired eyes and injury-prone backbones? Why do bad things happen to good people, if a provident and benevolent mind watches over us?

Rising to these and similar challenges, philosopher Michael Augros poses rarely asked questions that enable his readers to find out for themselves:

The impossibility of a “universe without a cause” Why nature must be the offspring of intelligence Why an undesigned designer is not only a possibility, but a necessity Why the first cause of all things must be the most perfect being

Interweaving its pursuit of the First Cause with personal stories and humor, this ground-breaking book takes a fresh approach to ultimate questions. While attentive to empirical science, it builds its case not on authoritative pronouncements of experts which readers must take on faith, but instead upon a nuanced understanding of universal principles implicit in everyone’s experience. Drawing from this non-sectarian source, Who Designed the Designer? forges common philosophical ground for Muslims, Jews, Protestants, Catholics, and non-religious thinkers with an open mind. Here is essential reading for all people who care about contemplating God, not exclusively as a best-explanation for the findings of science, but also as the surprising-yet-inevitable implication of our commonsense contact with reality.

Writing with the conviction that timeless truths are not the property of the geniuses who happened first to give them voice, Augros harnesses such intellects as Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas, ushering into the light a wealth of powerful inferences that have hitherto received little or no public exposure. The result is an easygoing yet extraordinary journey, beginning from the world as we all encounter it and ending in the divine mind.


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